Are you looking for a wooden structure to protect your car from sun and hail damage as well as from heat, snow and rain? For some it may seem simple – just to choose a beautiful garage or a carport that suits their needs. However, when it is time to decide whether to invest in a timber garage or a carport, people tend to get confused. While both wooden structures are great for fulfilling the main task – protecting your car – garages and carports are different products, and both have their pros and cons. Want to find out which one – a garage or a carport – is the right investment for you and your property? Read on and find out more about the individual properties of garages and carports.

The main features and benefits of carports

Carports are extremely versatile wooden structures both in terms of sizing and functionality. You can choose a standard model for a single car of even order a bespoke design carport for two and more cars. Regarding functionality – a carport can be used in many different ways – from a car parking spot and a bike shed to even a sun shade. Another significant advantage of carports is simple assembly which therefore leads to a lower price. A carport is the right choice for people who want to get great protection for their car at a lower price.

Benefits and advantages of garages

The same as carports, wooden garages are also available in various sizes. Varying from small single garages to large double garages with a patio and a spacious summerhouse, everyone can find a model that meets their needs and opportunities. The main advantage of a garage, when it comes to the protection of your car, is that garages are closed wooden structures. Therefore, a garage can provide the optimal protection for your vehicle both in terms of weather damage and theft. Another advantage worth mentioning – extra storage space. If you are in need of extra storage space for bicycles or garden furniture, a wooden garage is the right choice for you!

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