Have you considered purchasing a timber carport, but you’re having doubt if a carport, exposed on all sides, is the best solution to protect your car from sun, wind, and rain? High-quality timber carports are great car shelters regardless of the weather conditions, however, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions (long winters and wet seasons), you should consider choosing a partly enclosed timber carport. Thanks to the one closed side (or several of them), a partly enclosed carport combines all a car owner can wish for – easy access and ventilation, as well as better protection against sun, snow, and wind. If you are wondering how to close in one side of a timber carport, keep reading the article and find out!

A bespoke carport

If a standard carport is not what you’re looking for, you should consider purchasing a bespoke carport. With a bespoke design, you can customize everything up to the smallest detail, including closing in the sides that you want. This way, you can create a design that perfectly suits your garden, and you can also decide for yourself, which sides need to be closed to provide the needed protection. Do you want to use your carport as a storage area as well? A bespoke carport is great for hiding your grill or garden furniture from your neighbor’s eyes!

A timber wall or a glass sliding wall

What is the best way of closing in the sides of a timber carport? The most common way of closing in the sides is to add an extra timber wall. This way, you get a durable. partly closed timber structure, which lets in the natural light and provides ventilation. However, if you would prefer a slightly more modern looking timber structure, you can close in the wall with glass sliding walls. This way you don’t lose the natural light but get a partly enclosed carport that you can use all year round!

The partly enclosed carport is a practical, yet affordable car shelter. Would you like to design your own bespoke timber carport? Did you know that creating your own design with our 3D configurator is free? Discover it on www.lugarde.com!