How do you get the ice off your car or unstick a frozen car lock on a frosty winter morning? It can take quite a time to de-ice the car, right? When the temperatures start to drop, people purchase different kinds of ice scrapers and snow brushes, as well as de-icer sprays to clean the car windshields from ice and snow faster and easier. If you want to stop this unpleasant winter-morning routine, it is time to invest in a timber garage! Read on to learn more about the benefits of parking your car in a garage!

A timber garage – perfect for winter

Is a timber structure suitable for parking or storing a car during the winter months? In fact, timber garages are perfect for winter! People often make a mistake – heat their garages too much trying to avoid warming the car up in the mornings. However, it is not recommended to heat the garage too much. If you want to take good care of your car during the winter, make sure that your garage is well ventilated. A well-insulated timber garage will provide exactly what your car needs – a mild temperature and good ventilation.

No more ice scraping

When the winter is approaching, are you always searching for tips how to prevent the frost on your windshield? The best long-term solution is a timber garage. A timber garage can greatly relieve the routine of your winter mornings! Instead of parking your car in the driveway, park it in the garage and you will save a decent amount of time trying to clean the ice or dealing with a frozen car door.

Insulate your timber garage

Where do you store your garden furniture during the winter? Maybe you have a hobby that needs a space in your garage? If you want to use your garage for multiple purposes and during the winter, the best thing to do is to invest in insulation. This way you will get a more comfortable climate, while also prolonging the lifetime of your timber structure!

Are you ready to take good care of your car during the winter? Maybe you don’t want to spend any more of your time scraping windshields on the frosty winter mornings? If you are looking for a timber garage, take a look at our range on!