When the weather is warm and sunny, people tend to spend more of their time working and relaxing in the garden.  If you live in a busy neighborhood or your neighbors can easily see over the fence, you may not feel comfortable in your garden, while enjoying a meal or entertaining your guests. Is there a way to create more privacy without blocking out the sunlight? Of course, there is – you can create a garden hideaway by setting up a gazebo! A wooden gazebo – a light and airy timber structure, is perfect for creating privacy and allowing you to enjoy a perfect view of your garden at the same time. Are you looking for some garden privacy ideas? Keep reading to find out how to create more privacy in your garden with a gazebo!

Closed or semi-closed walls

If you want to achieve complete privacy, the best solution is to opt for a gazebo with closed walls or semi-closed walls. Firstly, you can decide on how many walls you want to be fully closed and how many – semi-closed. Secondly, you can choose a wall with a window or replace a semi-closed wall with balustrades to get in more natural light. These options allow you to be in full charge of your garden’s privacy!

If you think that a combination of fully closed or semi-closed walls won’t give you as much natural light as you want, you can choose a gazebo with glass sliding walls. A timber construction with glass sliding walls allows you to take the full advantage of the sun and the view of your garden, both when the walls are open or closed. Do you think that this is not the best option for enhancing privacy? Simply hang up curtains or install blinds – this way you can get the privacy when needed!

Gazebo with open side walls

If you want to add more privacy without closing off your garden too much, you can choose an open-design gazebo. For an open gazebo, the roof is the main element of privacy – it creates an enclosed space as well as doesn’t allow anyone to look inside the gazebo from above. If you like the idea of an open gazebo, but still worry about the level of privacy it will provide, you can use different creative ways to add privacy to an open design gazebo. Plant a vertical garden, for example, – this way you can enclose the open wall as well as make the most of your garden space! 

A wooden gazebo is a beautiful way to create more privacy in your garden. Whether you choose a gazebo with fully closed or semi-closed walls, a gazebo with windows or one with glass sliding walls, you will create a garden hideaway where to hide from the sights of your neighbours! Find the model that’s perfect for your garden at www.lugarde.com.