When purchasing a log cabin, it’s crucial to pay attention to its doors. Mainly to make sure that the doors are made of premium quality materials, but also to choose a style that is functional yet complements the overall design of the timber structure. It’s quite easy to choose the right door based on the quality of materials – just choose the one that’s made of premium-quality laminated solid timber and equipped with quality locks (preferably 3-point locks), as well as double-glazed windows. Meanwhile, it can be quite a bit harder when it comes to the functionality and style of garden building doors, and people often become confused looking at the wide range of styles offered by manufacturers. To make choosing the doors for your garden building easier for you, we’ll take a look at the most popular styles of doors and explain the aspects of their functionality.

Single doors

Single doors are the most popular exterior door style for garden buildings. Both the panel doors and the doors with windows are popular among garden building owners because they are perfect for all types of garden buildings, including octagonal and corner garden buildings. In terms of functionality, the main aspect to consider is the need for natural lighting. The panel doors are recommended if a timber structure is used for storage, while doors with windows are better suited for timber structures that are used for living, working or other activities that request a source of natural lighting. In terms of the overall appearance of the garden building, single doors can be used to achieve both a classic and modern look.

Double doors

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your garden building, then double doors or French doors will be the right choice. The luxury of double doors lies in both their appearance and functionality. The wooden frame with divided glass panels will add natural lighting and an increased appeal to any garden building. The combination of the size of the door and its glass panels is an excellent source of natural lighting – moreover, the double door creates a sense of spaciousness which makes it the perfect choice for garden offices, guest houses and other living areas.

Sliding and folding doors

Garden buildings with glass sliding walls or doors are becoming more and more popular among the owners of log cabins who want to achieve a modern and sleek look. However, the appearance is not the only advantage – glass sliding walls are recommended if you’re looking for a versatile garden building that can be easily transformed from a closed to an open structure. Moreover, the glass panels let in a lot of natural light, while also creating a sense of continuity between the indoors and outdoors space.

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