Have you ever thought about enclosing one side of a carport to make it more private or to provide better protection for your car? You might be surprised to find out that an extra wall can completely change the way you use your carport.  By simply enclosing one side of your wooden carport, you can easily turn it from a parking lot into a garden lounge area, for example. The extra walls that can be installed permanently or temporarily make wooden carports extremely versatile, allowing to use them for different purposes. If you want to learn more about enclosing one side (or more) of a wooden carport, keep reading this article!

A freestanding carport into a partially enclosed carport

Freestanding timber carports can be easily turned into a partially enclosed carport with one or more enclosed sides. If you already own a timber carport, you can easily enclose the sides with wooden planks. This DIY project would require a few days of preparation and the work itself. However, if you opt for a professional design and finish, yet you want to a timber structure that would fit your needs and garden landscape perfectly, you can order a bespoke design carport. This way a manufacturer will customise the design of a carport you like, turning it into a partially enclosed carport. And, of course, you can choose to enclose only one side of a carport if this is what you are looking for.

The best way to enclose a carport

What is the best way to enclose a carport to maintain the functionality and appearance? The first option for timer carports is to choose the same materials, namely, opt for additional timber wall (or walls). This way the timber structure keeps the timeless look and design, as well as provides the needed privacy and protection for your car. The second option is to choose glass sliding walls. With glass sliding walls you tick all the boxes for functionality, moreover, letting in a lot of natural light as well. In terms of design, glass sliding walls will give the carport a more contemporary look. Whichever option you choose, it is a cost-effective way of obtaining a versatile garden building.

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