Do you have a nice gazebo in your garden for enjoying a nice summer day outdoors? Do you ever wonder how to make these lazy days in your garden more fun? Throw a garden party for your friends! Invite all of your loved ones and spend a day grilling and enjoying drinks! The only downside is that having a party is fun, but also messy, so here are our top tips to for getting your gazebo clean and ready for your next garden party.

Where to start

The main cleaning tip – start with the dishes. Make sure that no dirty dishes are left lying around on the table and in the gazebo. Washing the dishes can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. Therefore, if you are throwing a party for the closest friends and family, you can opt for disposable party plates and tableware. If you feel a little guilty for using paper plates and mugs, choose biodegradable paper plates and cups! Moreover, you can find practical and stylish paper plates that will perfectly fit into your party!

Invest in a high-pressure washer

When you have finished with the dishes, it’s time to clean your gazebo. Stains on the wood floor can ruin it, so start with removing those. To avoid the need to use such harsh methods as chemical stain removal products or sanding in the future, try to wipe up the liquids as fast as you can. However, if you notice some already visible stains, the easiest way of removing stains from a wood floor is by using a high-pressure washer.

Have you heard that a pressure washer can damage the wood? Don’t worry, if your gazebo is properly treated with a waterproof sealant, then washing the floor with pressure-washer will not cause any damage. The sooner your veranda is clean again, the faster you can organize your next party!

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