Do you already own a business, or have considered starting your own one recently? Working from home is getting more and more popular these days, and it undoubtedly offers many benefits, however, you have to be incredibly self-disciplined and self-motivated to adapt to this style of work. If you are running your own business or you are just planning to start a business, you have to boost your efficiency and productivity, as well as manage your work-life balance to achieve your business goals. One of the best ways how to keep yourself motivated and focused while working from home is to create a garden office. Do you want to learn more about wooden garden offices? Read on to find out how one can benefit your business!

Type of garden building

Manufacturers offer various types of garden buildings which can be used as garden offices. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose either a summer house or a log cabin. If you have any special requirements regarding the shape, measurements or design, you can create a bespoke garden office. Regardless of whether you choose a classic or a modern garden building to complement your garden, it is important to remember about the functionality. To create the perfect workspace, think about the space you and your employees will need as well as the placement of windows and furniture. If you keep these things in mind, it’s not hard to create an office you will actually want to work in!


If you want to use your wooden garden office all year round, as well as safely store all your office equipment, you have to invest in insulation. Properly insulated garden building – installed floor insulation, wall insulation and roof insulation, as well as insulated glazing – not only provides excellent working conditions like temperature, humidity, and ventilation, but also will be more energy efficient, providing lower maintenance costs in long-term.

Benefits of running a business from a garden office

You can enjoy many benefits from running your business from a garden office, here are a few of them:

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Time saved traveling to/from work.
  • Peaceful and healthy environment.

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