When it comes to storing garden tools and lawn mowers, they have to be safely stored yet easily accessible, both during and at the end of the gardening and mowing season. If you own a garage that is spacious enough, then it’s not a problem to find a place for your tools and a lawn mower. However, if your garage is already overcrowded, you will have to find an extra storage space for your garden equipment somewhere else. Lately, more and more people choose to assemble a garden building – a summerhouse, a log cabin or a shed to extend their living space, including the storage area. If you’re looking for a way to maximise your storage space to neatly store your garden tools, lawn mover and even garden furniture, read this article to find out which storage solution is more suitable for you!

A storage shed

If you own a small garden and you don’t really own a lot of garden equipment, then a compact storage shed is the best solution. Even the smallest shed can give you a lot of extra storage space if the wall and the floor space is used wisely. To maximise the storage area, use the walls for all your tools – install shelves or hooks to neatly store pruners, garden gloves, a shovel and a rake, for example. You can even use the vertical storage for larger items like planters and garden hose. In turn, the floor space is left free for bulkier items like a lawn mower, garden furniture or even a bicycle.

A summerhouse with a side canopy

Do you own a garden that is missing a lounge area, yet you are in need of some extra storage space? It is easy to combine them both, by choosing a summerhouse with a canopy. Use the closed area as a storage room for all your garden equipment. Again, to maximise the storage area and to keep your tools neatly organised, arrange the area using some of the most popular storage tips like installing shelves, storage cabinets, baskets and bins. Meanwhile, the partly closed canopy can be used for setting up a lounge or BBQ area with comfy garden furniture and a grill.

A log cabin for storage and living

If your garden is spacious enough, you can opt for a multi-room garden log cabin, that can serve both for storage and other purposes like a gym, a hobby room or a guest room. You can even choose a model with two entrances, so you can separate the rooms completely. Even more, in a spacious storage room, you can store not only your garden tools but also other belongings, which won’t have a place at home, like camping equipment, for example.

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