If you have invested in a timber gazebo, you have chosen the perfect timber structure for both spring and summer! A gazebo provides you with both a shade from the sun and a shelter from the rain! However, when it gets colder, your gazebo turns into a structure which doesn’t have a practical application. You will agree – a gazebo with semi-open walls, for example, is not the most suitable storage facility in the winter. Nevertheless, it is possible to turn your gazebo into one that serves equally good both in summer and winter. Would you like to find out how to use your gazebo during the winter? Keep reading the article!


In order to set up a gazebo you can use all year round, insulation is the first thing you have to consider. How to keep the cold winds out, but the heat inside the timber structure? If you have a gazebo with semi-open and fully closed walls, the best option is to install sliding glass doors. Installing a sliding glass door has many benefits – first of all, the sliding glass doors provide comfort in winter, keeping the heat inside, and, secondly, with the glass doors fully opened, it allows you to enjoy the advantages of a gazebo during the summer.

However, installing a glass sliding wall is not enough if you want to use your gazebo all year around. To make the stay in your gazebo pleasant also during the winter, you have to take care of floor insulation as well. Floor insulation will help you to keep your gazebo warm as well as reduce energy consumption.


If you don’t want to invest in the installation of glass sliding walls but you still want to be able to occasionally use your gazebo during the colder months, then consider purchasing an outdoor patio heater. An outdoor patio heater will provide you with the necessary comfort level even until late fall!

There are different outdoor heating systems available in the market, therefore, take your time to choose the most suitable one for your gazebo, in regards to fuel source (propane, electric etc.), size and design. If you want to extend the time you spend in your gazebo and create a special atmosphere in your garden as well, consider an outdoor fireplace!

Would you like to spend more time in your garden even when the weather gets colder? If this is what you are looking for, set up a gazebo you can use all year round! Whether you choose to install a sliding glass door or to purchase an outdoor patio heater, your family will definitely appreciate it! Discover the range of gazebos at www.lugarde.com  and choose your perfect gazebo from our classic and modern designs.